About DRG

Drug Rediscovery Group (DRG) uses real-world clinical discoveries and medical research to identify, develop, and commercialize novel treatment opportunities in established drugs.
By expanding upon existing, proven medications, DRG is able to efficiently deliver high-value, safety assured Phase-III-ready drug candidates in prime position for commercialization.

Leadership Team

Moshe Rogosnitzky

Moshe, DRG’s founder, brings a uniquely broad health industry experience. Moshe has a rich track record of translating clinically-made discoveries into globally applied medical practice.

  • Clinical: Heads Israel’s first personalized medicine consultancy founded in 2001. Drug
  • Development: Serial innovator of 25+ patented / patent-pending drug discoveries, with several discoveries licensed.
  • Scientific Research: Author of 25+ papers in recognized medical publications.
  • Patient & Physician Education: Established a leading online drug-repurposing
    consumer and physician education platform, which reaches 500,000+ users annually.

Bracha Obermeister

Bracha brings 15 years of multi-sector technological and operations experience with a savviness for using technology to deliver efficient process management in different areas of healthcare.

  • Drug Repurposing: Co-founder of three drug repurposing companies. Provides corporate management and development oversight.
  • IT & Management: Fifteen years of development and management experience at the Israel National Insurance Institute, IDT, Actus-Imago, and AT&T.
  • Medical Management & Education: Four years of experience managing a
    personalized medicine consultancy, a telemedicine practice, and patient/physician educational tools.