Drug Rediscovery Group (DRG) uses real-world clinical discoveries and medical research to identify, develop, and commercialize novel treatment opportunities in established drugs.

By expanding upon existing, proven medications, DRG is able to efficiently deliver high-value, safety assured Phase-III-ready drug candidates in prime position for commercialization.

At Drug Rediscovery Group, our mission is to maximize the treatment value of existing drugs and eliminate missed treatment opportunities.

DRG’s Unique Methodology

By attracting impactful proven clinical discoveries, and developing and prepping them for commercialization; DRG increases the drug’s treatment potential, broadening its use, and making it relevant for multiple patient populations.

The Opportunities Exist -
They Just Need to Be Uncovered

For each FDA-approved indication of a drug, there are many more treatment opportunities that go unnoticed or unpromoted. Each year, a growing number of these new uses for existing drugs are discovered by physicians.

The examples below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Our Track Record

DRG starts with the end in sight.
Because DRG’s process begins with drugs that have shown effectiveness in treating the new indication of interest, DRG’s candidates have a very low risk of failure. DRG’s critique & selection process is a directed, rational, and optimized approach that further reduces risk, as well as time and cost of development.

DRG Members & Affiliates

Next-Generation Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension


Vigorous Solutions is the developer of the most rapidly absorbed Sildenafil* products, primarily used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Pulmonary Hypertension, conditions which affect millions of patients worldwide. Offering superior bioavailability and accelerated absorption, Vigorous Solutions delivers next-generation therapeutic results - right now.

* the same active ingredient as in the popular drugs Viagra® and Revatio®

Insightfully repurposing established drugs for treating eye disorders - that’s our focus.

Ocular Discovery is responsible for the finding and development of the established cardiovascular drug Dipyridamole* for the treatment of ocular surface disorders such as Dry Eye, Pterygium, Pinguecula, Melanocytic Nevus, and Corneal Neovascularization. Ocular Discovery is seeking to provide relief for the millions of people globally that suffer from eye surface disorders by providing accessible and effective solutions.

* the same active ingredient as in the popular drugs Persantin®/Persantine®/Curantyl®.

Minimizing Opioids. Maximizing Relief.

Opimend stands in the vanguard of fighting the devastating opioid epidemic with the development of an innovative pipeline of repurposed, safe drugs designed to mitigate both the craving for opioids and opioid’s deadly toxicity. By repurposing safe drugs, Opimend is reshaping the entire opioid crisis, giving hope where there was only despair.

So when Opimend‘s pipeline of drugs reaches the market, a milestone will also arrive: the beginning of the end of America’s devastating opioid epidemic.

DRG's Pipeline

DRG’s pipeline comprises novel treatments for over 15 medical conditions across a wide range of therapeutic areas. These include pain, opioid addiction, rheumatic diseases, ophthalmology, hair growth, sleep medicine, men’s health, and infectious diseases.


We are proactively attracting and welcoming field-based discovery collaboration and third-party partnership opportunities.

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